The Year Round Joys of Piñon Wood in Dallas

You might think burning Piñon wood in Dallas would be a seasonal thing (and a small season at that) but that is not the case. Evenings in the back yard with a chiminea can be magical. Our high quality Piñon wood gives off an incredible aroma and even repels mosquitos. If you have ever camped in the mountains of the southwest, you be instantly transported back in time.

Join Our Piñon Wood Club!

For our frequent users, we offer a pinon wood club.  With the purchase of 5 bags on the day of enrollment, we give you a 6th bag and you have up to a year to collect them and use them.  We store it here if you are not able to take that many at your enrollment.  It’s a great way to save money and always have great mosquito-deterring fire ready to light.

Our Piñon wood is all Piñon — not mixed with other woods like some Dallas area retailers. You get maximum fragrance with no smoky mixed woods.

Watch a short segment from one of our Happy Hour Live episodes that demonstrates lighting a Piñon wood fire in one of our chimineas.

* Piñon is often spelled pinion or even pinyon because of the way it is pronounced

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